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May 9, 2013
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MLP Messing with the Potions Vore Story

Warning: Non fatal vore and Ponies

It was a perfectly normal day in Ponyville, oh and if you don’t know who I am my name is Danny I’m 10 years old and  I’m just a normal unicorn like all the other kids in Mrs. Cheerilee’s class I don’t have a cutimark yet but I don’t care its fun not knowing your talent yet it keeps my mind open I’ve had ideas about joining the Cutimark crusaders but I don’t know if they will let me join since I’m boy,.. a well I almost forgot to mention my best friend my big sister Alice she has her cutimark and she’s a unicorn too her talent is ‘magic potions’ I tend to help her out a little here and there but there's no talent in being an assistant I think, I do know this one mare who joined this odd pony his name was the “The Doctor” I don’t who his name is I guess its just the Doctor,.. opps sorry I’m getting off track again I should get down to the story well here it goes.
  It was a perfectly normal day in Ponyville I was heading to home school had just finished and I was happy as always I said “hi,” to Applebloom and her friends as I was walking home and got an apple to eat while I was walking I had finished off the apple as I was approaching the house near were the place were PinkiePie lived it was almost next door that’s were I live. I entered the door into my house I put my backpack near the couch and sate down propping up my hooves “Hey Danny,” I was greeted by a light blue mare wearing glasses and a watch with a red mane “hi Alice,” I replied and then was given a tight hug after “so is my assistant ready to help me in the lab?” I nodded quickly with a smile on my face are parents were out and Alice was watching over me, she lived with use just sometimes are parents don’t trust use with all those potions around, I fallowed my sister into her room were it was like walking into a science class it wasn't like a scary lab like the one in scary stories it was bright and shining with light colored potions of many colors and the windows brought in bright lights so we had no trouble seeing, Alice went ahead and started mixing a few potions together making them change colors using her magic to levitate I did the same lifting some bottles over to another table I noticed a green bottle that was sprat from all the others I carefully levitated it not knowing were to place it.

      I was paying to much attention to it that I didn’t see that one empty bottle on the floor I then slipped falling back that the potion had gotten loose from my magic grip that it flew up in the air the green liquid slipped all over my head and then the bottle shattered on the floor making my sister yelp in fear I started whipping my eyes at first I thought it was just my eyes messing with me since the potion slipped on me I thought that everything around me was getting bigger and bigger as I whipped my eyes and blinked a few times I saw that everything around me was now bigger the even the bottles were bigger then me I began to shiver in fear I jumped at the sight of large shatters of glass I whimpered and cried a little, I panicked and ran in some random direction my eyes were closed as dips of tears flouted out of my eyes I ran into something very hard, my head throbbed and I looked up to see a hoof and the owner was my sister Alice staring down at me in a shocked expression “ALICE!” I shouted each up to her she used her magic to lift me up and she held me close to her face “Danny are you ok?” I nodded my head “yes” Alice exhaled in relief she grabbed me with her hooves holding me close to her face she gentile hugged me “good, good I’m glade your alright,.. uh mince the shrinking hehe,” she said still in a worried ton.

It was a few moments after I had shrank down to a 3 inch tall foul Alice took me out of the lab and into her room, she had placed me on her snout to keep me safe she was extreme careful with me, Alice had settled on her bed she dipped her head down on the bed and gave me a chance to climb off her nose I sate down and looked up at her and she looked down at me are eyes were locked it seemed like hours I could see a look of worry in her eyes there was nothing but silence I couldn't even here Pinkipie bouncing around outside I was the only one who broke the “How long will I be like this sis?” I asked “don’t be scared Danny it want be forever probably only for today and tomorrow,” “doesn't sound bad at all,” I said with a little relief Alice bared a small smile and gentile nuzzled my head, her nose brushed against my head making me laugh from the prickles of sapphire hair on her nose I raised up and wrapped me hooves around her nose as much as I could to hug her “aww,” I heard my sister say as she showed a happy look in her green eyes that made me smile and hug even harder if it was possible for my size, my sister lead back resting on her pillow with me on her nose I used my arms to pull me up and site on the tip of her nose Alice gave a little giggle that made me smile Alice also smiled I could tell by the movement underneath me Alice used her magic to move to levitate me on her belly were I snuggled up on her soft fur I could hear her heart beat it was very soothing it almost made me fall asleep as I rested I was wondering now that I was small I could have new adventures I happen to look at Alice she opened her mouth and gave a huge yawn I wondered even more Mrs. Cheerlie was begging to teach us about the pony body she was teaching us about the digestive system which made me ask a question in my head ’wonder what it would be like to be in someponies stomach?’ I don’t know what came over me “uh Alice,” she looked down at me “what is it?” she asked I was almost too scared to ask “Alice do you have a position that stops your stomach acid?” I could not believe what I said I was nervous I was shacking, Alice looked at me a little confused I was about to hide my face in shame “yes I do, why do you want to know?” I raised my head quickly and I blurred out all the words “I was wondering if I could go in your stomach?” I gasped and hide my face in her fur I didn’t know what Alice was doing I felt some movement “well Danny I guess,... you can after all you will be no danger,” hearing those words I rose my head with wide eyes and a open mouth. Alice lifted me up then placed me on the bed she left the room then came back with a bottle with blue liquid she ripped the cape off and gulped it down “yuck! yuck! this is the most nastiest thing I ever made,” she said then hopped on her bed gentile she smiled but she was nervous like I was she inhaled and exhaled “ok when ever your ready,” I nodded her magic lifted me up in the air and I was slowly being pulled near my older sibling muzzle, as I got closer and closer she opened her mouth showing her white clean teeth and her light pink tongue.

Alice placed me inside her mouth her magic had let me go so I was free to walk on my own I was laying on a soft humid tongue I stood up on all fours my hooves sank into her moist taste buds, I could hear a gentile heart beat and breathing with ever soft exhale her throat flexed and her uvula moved up and down after that it fallowed with a soft wind of her breath breezing past me I took a few steps almost slipping as my hoofs sank into her soft flesh I looked around to see blocks of teeth around me but I also felt a feeling of protection I clumsily walked into a cobweb of saliva that connected her tongue to her upper jaw I was a little wet but then I feel on her tongue and a splatting sound was heard as I was now socked in my sister’s saliva “Eww,” I said trying to shake it off but no luck “a well,” I said to myself as I continued my journey I came to the end of her tongue and I was close to her uvula I gave an evil smile I raised my rump and hunched my shoulders I then leaped up clinging to her uvula and hugged it ’haha uvula attack,’ I could hear Alice laughing as the whole world around me shacked I let go and landed on the tongue laughing “why you little goblin, I’m gonna get you for that,” she giggled I tried to muffle my laugh with my front hooves.

After a few moments I gave Alice a signal to swallow I felt gravity shift her teeth closed around me and I began to slide down her tongue and passed her throat “buy uvula,” I said before sliding into the moist esophagus I could feel the soft tonal all around me I was sliding down it felt like waterslide at the park I couldn't help but shout with glee “Yaaaaahooo!” I shouted “THIS IS FUN!” it started to get more gentle as I entered into flesh rings that opened when I was near I was being squeezed threw and then I plopped down into a chamber that was like the tongue's surface soft and warm I saw rumps of flesh around unlike the tongue and the gums this was a more darker pink color I moved around a little as I observed the stomach I know some people would be scared but I felt safety and joy I don’t know what came over me I was happy and smiling, I jumped around the stomach like Pinkiepie when she had to much chocolate to eat very hyper I even laughed loudly and Alice shared my laughter as with every jump it tickled her from the inside I eventually stopped and gave a big yawn I laid down and hugged my sister’s stomach wall making her giggle “this is the best thing every big sister,” I said
“I’m glade your having fun, I’m even enjoying myself I don’t know why,” she giggled from outside Alice took off her glasses and watch and used her magic to cover her self up in her blanket and rest her head on her pillow, I gave another big yawn and my sister gave a yawn herself “you better go to sleep its your bedtime little bro,” Alice said rubbing her tummy “ok sis,” I snuggled up in the soft stomach flesh as I calmed down I heard the sound of Alice’s heart beat that slowly drifted me off into sleep I blinked a few times as me eyes got heavy “I love you big sister,” I said resting my head and right before I feel right to sleep I heard Alice say “I love you too little bro.”  
my first MLP story I hope everyone likes it

Cover is by :iconkunoichipikachu:
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Zeldafand Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I LOVE IT, IT WAS SO ADORABLE, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE MORE!!!!!! (But seriously, punctuation and wall of text)
Shrunken-LittleBro12 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2014
Thank you
gollaxmjm Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
Really really cool! It made me laugh :3

One couple of suggestions:

1.- the punctuation is your friend :D

2.- make a sequel :D I'm wondering how he will go out xD

BONUS: Excuse my English xD I'm better understanding it than speaking/writing it 6_9
Shrunken-LittleBro12 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
Nicopaoli Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013
it was awesome ;)
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